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what I need to say. Pr. Samukutty Mathew, Cheief Editor
Category: Current Affairs & News
Publish Date: Dec 26, 2017
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what I need to say. Pr. Samukutty Mathew, Cheief Editor.
am--an-m--Xm-b H-pw Cu `q-an-bn-en- F--Xv F-{Xtbm k-Xyw B-Wv Im-em-\p-kr-X-am-b am-- D-sm-m- F-m {]-m-\--fpw Im-e-n-s Ip-sm-gp-n X-I--Sn-bp- Im-gv-N-bm-Wv \mw I-p-h-cp--Xv. Nn-e Im-e-n-\p ap-t \-S-m {]m-]v-Xn t\-Sn-b-tm Nn-e lr-kz-Zr-jv-Sn-tbm-sS A-kv-X-an-p. Rm ]-d-p-h-cp--Xv \-p-sS s]-s-tm-kv-Xn-s\-p-dn-m-Wv. C-v I]-S- ]-co-i-m-cp-sS h-en-sbm-cp K-Ww C-hn-sS-bp-v. am-w ]m-Sn- F-p hm-Zn-p-I-bpw F-m F-m-hn-[ kp-J-tem-ep-]-X-bn-epw ap-gp-In Po-hn-p-I-bpw sN-p- B Iq- ]-d-bp--Xpw F-gp-Xp--Xpw H-pw Po-hn-Xw a-sm-p-am-Wv.
C-Xv {In-kv-a-kv ko-k-Wm-W-tm. G--hpw A-[n-Iw B-iw-k-I ap-Iq-dm-bn \-h-am-[y-a--fn-eq-sS \-Ip--Xpw C-v s]-s-tm-kv-Xp-Im-cm-Wv. F-m C-Xv Pm-Xo-b-am-b B-tLm-j-n-\p-t]-cp-am-n-b-Xm-sW-pw {In-kv-Xp-hn-s P-\-\w Un-kw-_ 25\v A-s-pw ssZ-h-P-\w C-Xv sN-m ]m-Sn-s-pw ]Tn-n--h-cp-sS X-e-ap-d kmm-bp-sS sXm-n-bp-an-v Np-h--tIm-pw [-cn-v B-iw-k t\-cp-p. X-e-bn Xp-Wn-bn-Sm-sX B-cm-[-\-bv-v C-cn-m ]m-Sn-söv -]-d-v th-j-hn-[m-\-s-p-dn-v {]-kw-Kn-v R--sf-sbms B-th-i-`-cn-X-\m-n-b H-cp {]-kw-K-I-s X-e-ap-d X-e-bn am-{X-a- i-co-c-n-epw th--{X Xp-Wn-bn-m-sX h-jn-v eo-U-dm-bn D-d-p Xp-p-tm B-cm-Wv a--cm-b-Xv. A-v B-th-iw-sIm--h-c-m-sX B-cv?
Zp-cp-]-tZ-i-I-sc A-I-n-\n--Ww F-pw A-h-tcm-sSm-w th-Zn ]-n-Sn-s-pw D-]-tZ-i kw-c--W-n-\m-bn t]m-cm-S-Ww F-pw hm-Zn--h-cpw F-gp-Xn-b-h-cpw F-Xn--h-tcm-sSm-w X-s ^v-f-Iv-kv t_m-Un a-c-n-ap-I-fn-epw t]m-p-I-fn-epw Xq-n-\n-p-tm B-cm-Wv a--cm-b-Xv. C-h-cp-sS {]-kw-Kw tI-pw c-N-\-I hm-bn-pw tIm-a-bn-sIm--h-c-m-sX B-cv? C-hn-sS \n-e-\n-p- `-h-\w C-s-pw C-hn-sS k-m-Zn-t- F-pw kz--n B-Wv k-m-Zyw F-pw ]-d--h a-Wn-am-fn-I sI-n-sm-n-bpw F-t-p-I hm-n-q-n-bpw s_-kn k--cn-pw X-e-ap-d-I-sf G-gmw I-S-en-\--sc I-S-n A-h-cp-sS `m-hn kp-c-n-X-am-p-I-bpw sN-bv-X-tm B-cm-Wv a--cm-b-Xv. \- sIm-pw h-b-se-mw \-p-tS-Xm-Ipw ss]-n-fn-tb F- B-th-ti-z-e-am-b Km-\w tI-v B-th-i-`-cn-X-cm-b-h-sc-tm-se-bm-Wv s]-s-tm-kv-Xn-se ]m-h--fm-b km-[m-c-W ip-{iq-j-I-cpw hn-izm-kn-I-fpw. ]m-Sn---h h-b-ep-I kz--am-n _q-jz-I-fm-bn am-dn-b-X-dn-bm-sX sIm-pw N-pw t\-Xm-hn-\p-th-n-bpw {]-m-\-n-\p th-n-bpw Po-hn-m hn-[n--s--h-cp-sS Iq-w-t]m-se-bm-Wn-v \-p-sS s]-s-tm-kv-Xpw. H-cp Iq- ITn-\-am-b D-]-tZ-i--fpw X-Xz-kw-ln-X-I-fpw km-[m-c-W-m-cp-sS-ta A-Sn-t-n-p-I-bpw A-Xn \n-pw H-gn-hp--h-cm-bn \-S-p-I-bpw sN-p-p. s]-a-\v d-kn-U-kn hn-k-bpw {Ko-Im-Upw kn-n-k-jn-pw X--pw X-e-ap-d-I-pw th-n t\-Sn-b-Xn-\p-ti-jw A-h k--i-I-sc hn-a-in-p-p. `m-c-X-n kp-hn-ti-j-th-e sN-p--h-sc hn-ain-p-p. `m-c-X-n-se k-`-bn-se B-o-b ho-gv-N-I-sf-p-dn-v I-o-scm-gp-p-p. C-h-cp-sS D-]-tZ-i-hpw {]-kw-K-hpw tI--h a--cm-b-Xv an-w.
X--v A-{]m-]y-am-b-Xn-s\ Ip--s-Sp-p-I F--Xv a-e-bm-fn-bp-sS kz-X-kn--am-b I-gn-hp-I-fn-sem-m-W-tm. G-Xpw X-\n-p In-p--Xp-h-sc hn-a-in-p-I. X--p In-n--gn-m A-Xn-\-\p-kr-X-am-bn ssZ-h-im-kv-{X-im-J D-m-n \ym-bo-I-cn-p-I. h-j--p-ap-v H-cp hyn k`m Iu-kn-en A-ta-cn--bn k--i-\-n-\p t]m-Ip--h-sc hn-a-in-p-I-bpw ]-cn-l-kn-p-I-bpw sN-p--Xv ]-Xn-hm-bn-cp-p. A-m-e-v A-t-lw Xp-S--bm-bn a-{Zm-kv tIm-kp-te-v k--i-I-\m-bn-cp-p. Im-ew Ip-d-v I-gn-p. X-\n-pw In-n k--i-\ hn-k. A-tXm-sS k--i-I-tcm-Sp- ]p-w am-dn-n-n. \-p-sS F-Xn-p-I-pw C-{X-tb B-bp-kp-q. ssk-n In-p--Xp-h-sc am-{X-ta ssk-n D-]-tbm-Kn-p--h-t\m-Sv F-Xn-p-q. A-Xp-X-s-bm-Wv a-p-Im-cy--fn-epw. s]-s-tm-kv-Xv k-aq-l-s h-n-p-I-bm-Wv I-]-S-X \n-d- H-cp Iq-w Zp-cp-]-tZ----m. A-h-cp-sS ku-I-cy-n-\-\p-kr-X-am-bn cq-]-s-Sp-n-sb-Sp-p- ssZ-h-im-kv-{X D-]-tZ-i--fn-eq-sS A-cp-Xp-I-fp-sS h-en-b Np-a-Sv ]m-h--fp-sS-ta A-Sn-t-n-p-p.
B-`-c-W h--\-s--n--d-bp--h-cp-sS hm-pw t]-\-bpw I-m-Sn-bpw h-kv-{X-hpw hm-l-\-hpw ho-Spw `--W-hp-sam-s F-{X-tbm hn-e-tb-dn-b-Xm-Wv. sIm-Xp-In-s\ A-cn-s-Sp-p- ]-co-i-m H--I-s ku-I-cy-]q-w-hn-p-I-f-bp-p. Ch tamXncw ssIhncen \nv Ducn lrZbntev amn {]XnjvTnncnpp FXv am{XamWv hyXymkw.
{In-kv-Xp-a-kv B-tLm-jw ]m-]w F-p ]-d-bp--h-cp-sS (C-Xn-s B-g--fn C-d-n i-cn-sX-p-I ]-d-bm Rm B-f-) ]n-X-e-ap-d-bp-sS P--Zn-\m-tLm-j- Im-tW--Xp-X-s, hn-hm-lw, i-h-a-S-v, P--Zn-\w, kv-\m-\w, in-ip-{]-Xn-jvT, `-h-\-k-a--Ww Xp-S-n-b-h-sb-mw e-- s]m-Sn-p- B-tLm-j-am-bn am-dn-bn-cn-p-p. tI-c-f-n hn-ip-n-bpw A-Xn-hn-ip-n-bpw ]-d-v P-\-s C-f-p- H-p-an--hcpw tIm-Sn-I-fp-sS D-S-a-Ifm-Wv. A-h-cp-sS X-e-ap-d-I kp-c-n-X -e--fn-em-Wv. ]-d-bp--sXm-pw A-h-p _m-[-I-ta-b-Xm-\pw. ]m-h-s- D-]-tZ-in-bp-sS-tbm hn-izm-kn-bp-tS-tbm a- hn-hm-l-tam-N-\w t\-Sn-bm A-Xv ]m-]-am-bn I-W-n-Spw. F-m t\-Xm--m-cp-sS a--fm-bm A-Xv A-e-m-cw. A-Xn-\-\p-kr-X-am-bn th-Z-]p-kv-X-I hym-Jym-\w D-m-n Ah X-Sn-X-pw. D-]-tZ-i-t]m-cm-w \-S-p- kw-c--I-s-tbm t\-Xm-hn-s-tbm a--tfm a-cp-a--tfm _-p--tfm A-\y-]p-cp-j-s-tbm A-\y-kv-{Xo-bp-sS-tbm Iq-sS H-fn-tm-Sn-bm A-Xn-\pw D-v \ym-bo-I-c-Ww. \-S-]-Sn km-[m-c-W-m-c-\v, ta--n-\v A-Xv _m-[-I-a-. C-sX-mw h--\-bm-Wv. km-aq-ly-{]-Xn-_--X C-m- Im-e-L--n-\-\p-kr-X-a-m- ssZ-thm-p-J-am-bn P\s h-f-p-hm I-gn-bm- H-cp-X-cw ssZ-h-im-kv-{X-am-Wv s]-s-tm-kv-X ]-d-bp--Xv. en-Jn-X-am-b-Xv F-s-v A-dn-bn-. th-Ww \-ap-sm-cp am-w. a-\p-jy-s\ kv-t\-ln-p-, _-lp-am-\n-p-, I-cp-Xp- X-c-n-te-v H-cp-am-w. \o-Xn-bp-sS-bpw \ym-b-n-s-bpw am--n [-\-k-m-Z-\w \-S--s. k-aq-l-n kzm-[o-\w D--h-cm-I-s. N-p-I-gn-n-v {]m-n-m-sX Po-h-\p--tm tN-p-]n-Sn-p- ssZ-h-kv-t\-lw {]-Z-in--s-S-s. \-s kv-t\-ln--h-s kv-t\-lw D-n \n-d-b-s. {]-m-\---p-d-v \mw H-m-sW- Nn- D-m-I-s. Im-e-L--n-\-\p-kr-X-am-b am-w D-sm-p-I-bpw i-cn-bm-b {]-am-W-n \n-p-I-bpw sN--s. A-Sn-m-\-{]-am-W- i-cn-bm-Wv. A-Xn-\- am-w h-cp-t--Xv. C-S-bv-p ]-Wn-X-h tN-p-h- Nn-e I--I C-Sn-p-I-f-tb- Im-ew A-Xn-{I-an-n-cn-p-p.
Cu {In-kv-a-kv Im-ew tem-I-tm-Sv \-ap-p ]-d-bmw. F-m-h-cp-sS-bpw c--bv-m-bn ]n-d--h-s\ h-p Im-ao F-v. F-m A-Xv sh-dpw B-tLm-j-am--cp-Xv F-p-am-{Xw.


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sathyavachanadhara (December 27, 2017)
what you are concerned about and visible in public is the demonstration and teaching of name sake pentecostal and not the pentecostal doctrines based people and assemblies. please try to lead people to the original.
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