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Publish Date: Nov 9, 2017
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Dr. Ezhamkum's FB post was wrong: by Samkutty Chacko.
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tUm. Ggwfw t]cv ]cainncn hynbpw Rmw kl{]hIcmbn. Atlwhpw Fs `mcybpw Xn ]ckv]cw tm`np kwkmcnIbmmbXv. Hm^nkv m^ns apn hv \S Cu kw`hs Ccn hymJym\nv hynlXy \SpXv XnIpw sXmWv. attXm tkmgvkn \nv CXdn tUm. Ggwfw kmw n hj apv FtmSv tNmZntm bmYmyw AtltmSv ]dnXmWv Fm Atlw FgpXnb \nebntem hymJym\n \nebntem A Imcy AtltmSv ]dXv Fv Fmhscbpw Adnbn.

kmw n Nmtm \neq


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sp (November 15, 2017)
psychosis nte pala avasthantharangalum keettittundu. Pakshe ethrayum bhayanakamaya version adhyamaa.....
dr. john thonas dallas (November 9, 2017)
This Ezhamkulam always make fault accusations for May people.
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