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Pr. Joseph Williams IPC Eastern Region President
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Publish Date: Dec 21, 2017
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Pr. Joseph Williams IPC Eastern Region President.
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Ign 21 hjfmbn doPnbWn AwKamb ]m tPmk^v hneywkv doPnbs {]Ya ]n.ssh.]n.F {]knUmbn. 12 hjmew doPnb sk{Idnbmbpw tkh\annpv. sF.] P\d Iukn AwKhpw `cWLS\m kanXnbpsS sNbamamWv. ]Xn\maXv sF.] ^manen tIm^dkv (2017) Iho\dmbn. sF.] tdmIv emv AkwnbpsS ko\nb ]mdmWv. Fw.tImw, Fw _n F _nZ[mcn IqSnbmb ]m tPmk^v hneywkv.

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sk{Idnbmbn sXcsSps tUm. _m_p tXmakv sF ]n kn slt{_m \|tbmv ko\nb ]mdmWv. Adnbs {]kwKIw FgppImcamWv. doPnb ]n.ssh.]n.F sk{Idnbmbn {]hnnpv.

sPm. sk{Idnbmbn sXcsSps {_Z tPmk tPmv \|tPkn k`bpsS ZoLIme sk{Idn, Cut̬ doPnb ap Iukn AwKw, 15maXv sF.] ^manentIm^dkv tem sk{Idn Fo \neIfn {]hnnpv.

\|tbmv sF.]n.F k`mwKamWv {Sjdmbn sXcsSps {_Z t_h tXmakv. \|tbmv knn slevv & tlmkv]n tIm]tdj\n \nv Ubddmbn hncan Ctlw Iuknense ]pXpapJw BWv.

sF.] P\d Iukn AwKfmbncn ]m tPmk^v hneywkv, {_Z ptam imapth, {_Z tPmv imapth Fnh sF.] P\d Iuknens Ctmgp Imemh[n IgnbpXphsc XpSXmbncnw.


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sp (December 21, 2017)
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