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What I need to say. Pr. Samkutty Mathew
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Publish Date: Oct 10, 2017
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What I need to say. Pr. Samkutty Mathew.
_n-eo-th-gv-kv tP-W B-cw-`n-n-v H-cp ]-Xn-m-v Ignbpp. F-m sF-]n-kn F- {]-m-\-n cm-{o-b A-Xn-{]-k-cw A-Xn-\papsa Xs D-v. Fs am-[y-a _-w Xp-S-n-bn-v c-p ]-Xn-m-p I-gn-p. A-Xp-sIm-p X-s t\-Xr-Xz-s A-Sp--dn-bm-\pw tN-cn-Xn-cn-hp-I-fpw A--\m-S-I--fpw A-Sp--dn-bm-\pw C-S-bm-bn-p-v.s]m-Xp P-\w A-dn-bp--Xn-t\-m bm-Ym-y- A-dn-bm I-gn-bp--Xv am-[y-a--m-W-tm.
[m-cm-fw s]--tm-kv-Xp {]-m-\- tI-c-f-n-ep-v. kz-X-{ k-`-I, G-Im-[n-]-Xy k-`-I, P-\m-[n-]-Xy k-`-I C--s\ ]-e hn-[-n-em-Wv C-h-bp-sS `-c-W kw-hn-[m-\w.Nn-e-sXm-s A-[n-Im-c-n-s sN-tm X-e-ap-d-X-e-ap-d ssI-am-dn ap-t-dp-p. Im-\-S-m-cpw A- ]-n-Wn-m-cpw i-X-tIm-So-iz-c-m-cm-bn am-dn F--Xv am-{Xw an-w. F-m sF.] t]m-ep- {]-m-\--fn-se P-\m-[n-]-Xy kw-hn-[m-\w H-c-f-hp-h-sc Kp-W-I-c-am-bn. (cm-{o-b A-Xn-{]-k-chpw A-\-l-cp-sS I-S-p h-c-hpw tZm-j-I-c-am-b a-dp-h-i-amsWv kXnpp). hn-izm-kn-I-p Iq-Sn ]-m-fn-w D--Xv h-f--v A-\p-Iq-e-am-b a-sm-cp L-S-I-am-Wv.
I-gn- e--n tP-W sF-]n kn cm-{o-b-hp-am-bn _--s-v {]-kn-o-I-cn- hm- Nn-e \ham[ya {Kq-p-I-fn N--bm-bn am-dn. Nn-e-cn \n-v {]-Xn-^-ew hm-n Nn-e-cp-sS N-p-Iw B-bn tP-W am-dn F- Btcm]Whpw I-p.A-h-tcm-Sv k-l-Xm-]w am-{X-ta-bp-p. Im-c-Ww tP-W \n-e-]m-Sn-s\-p-dn-p- A--X-bm-Wv A-h-sc A--s\ ]-d-bm t{]-cn-n--Xv.
s]--tm-kv-Xv {]-m-\--fn \q-Wp I-S- Zp-cp-]-tZ-i-n-\pw \-h {]-h-W-X-I-pw A-gn-a-Xn-pw F-Xn-sc-bp- \n-e-]m-Sm-Wv tP-W-en-\p--Xv. A-Xn-\m-bn Xq-en-I-bpw -e-hpw tP-W \-m-bn hn-\n-tbm-Kn-p-I-bpw sN-bv-Xp. tP-W ]m-c--cy \n-e-]m-Sp-I-m-bn \n--Xn-s {]-tbm-P-\w A-\p-`-hn--h-cm-Wv I-gn- e-w hm-s-Xn-sc cw-K-v h--Xv F--Xv F-\n-v c-k-I-c-am-bn tXm-n. hn-a-i-\--tfm-Sv A-k-ln-jv-W-X ]p-e-p--h-cm-Wv ]m-c--cy-tN-cn-m.
F-m-Wv sF.]n kn bn \-S-p--Xv F-p tNm-Zn-m A-Xn-\p--cw I-s-p-I A-km-[y-am-Wv. A-hn-sS D-m-Ip- Iq-p-sI-p-I B-i-b-]-c-a- C-tm. "B-am-i-b-]-c-am-b' Nn-e H-p-Xo-p-I am-{Xw.
sF-]n-kn-bp-am-bn F-s _-w B-cw-`n-p--Xv 1985se Ip--\m-Sv I-h-j-\n-se tI-hn-m-c-\m-bn-m-Wv. 1984 B-K-v 15 \m-Wv ]m- tPm-Wn-s ssI-o-gn Rm hn-izm-k kv-\m-\w kzo-I-cn-p--Xv.
1988- sl-t{_m-\n hn-Zym-n-bm-bn F-n.
]n-o-Sv am-[y-a {]-h--\-n-s `m-K-am-bn Iq-Sp-X _---fm-bn. F-s am-Xr-Ip-Spw-_-am-b sN-t-v Ip-Spw-_-hpw Ip--\m-m-Wv. A-h-cn ]-e-cpw sF]nknbn k-Po-h-hp-am-Wv. _n-eo-th-gv-kv tP-W Hm-^o-kv Ip--\m-m-b-Xn-\m-epw sl-t{_m-\n \n-v A-I-se-b-m--Xn-\m-epw sF ]n kn cm-{o-bw A-Sp--dn-bp-p.
_n-eo-th-gv-kv tP-W G--hpw Iq-Sp-X hn-a-in-n-p--Xv ]m- tPm-Wn-s\-bm-Wv. F-m H-cn- t]m-epw A-t-lw A-k-ln-jv-W-X Im-p-I-tbm \o-c-kw {]-I-Sn-n-p-I-tbm sN-bv-Xn-n-. \-h {]-h-W-X-I-tfm-Sp- X-s \n-e-]m-Sp-I-tfm-Sv H-pw tbm-Py-X-bn-.
A-Xn-s\ F-pw hn-a-in-n-p-v.
sF.]n kn bn F-\n-t--hpw kv-t\-l-hpw _-lp-am-\-hpw tXm-n-bn-p--Xv ]m- n.F-kv G-{_-lm-an-t\m-Sm-Wv.s]m-Xp k-aq-l-n s]--tm-kv-Xn-s am-\y-ap-J-am-bn-m-Wv Atls F-\n-p tXm-n-bn-p--Xv. Xm \-S-n-bn-cp- Im-n-I ip-{iq-j-I `w-Kn-bm-bn-cp-p.
]m- h-k G-{_-lm-ap-am-bn A-Sp-p k-l-I-cn-m A-h-k-cw e-`n-n-p-v. am-\y-\m-b ssZ-h-Zm-k. \-p-sS k-aq-l-n G-sd sX-n--cn--s- B-fm-bn-m-Wv F-\n-v tXm-n-bn-p--Xv.
]m- tP--_v tPm m-\-sam-gn-bp-tm t\-Xr-\n-c-bn ]m- ]m- h-k G-{_-lmw F-n-h-cp-m-I-Ww F-m-Wv F-s hy-n-]-c-am-b B-{K-lw
]m--am-cm-b kmw tPm-v, t_-_n tPm-k-^v Xp-S-n-b-h-cpw t\-Xr-Xz-n-se-p--Xv k`bvv Kp-W-I-c-am-Wv F- \n-co--W-am-sW-t-Xv.
tI-c-fm t-n ]m- ^n-en-v ]n.tXm-a-kv, cm-Pp ]q-h-m-e Xp-S-n-b-h-sc-bpw C--s-Sp-p. A-Xp sIm-v a-p--h-sc C--a- F--.
C-sXm-s F-s hy-n-]-c-am-b \n-co--W--fpw C---fp-sam-s-bm-Wv. C--hpw kv-t\-l _--hp-ap- [m-cm-fw t\-Xm--m sF.]n kn bn-ep-v. t]-cp-I ]-cm-a-in-n- F-p am-{Xw. {]-Xo- \-Ip- [m-cm-fw bp-h ip-{iq-j-I sF ]n kn t\-Xr-Xz-n-ep-v. a-p {]-m-\--fn-se-mw t\-Xr-Xz m-aw h-f-sc bmWv.
H-cp t\-Xm-hn-s Kp-W-am-bn Rm I-cp-Xp--Xv D-d- \n-e-]m-Spw k-Xy-k--X-bp-am-Wv. X-cw t]m-se hm-p am-dp--h-sc-bpw I-tk-c-m-bn hn-p-ho-gv-N sN-p--h-sc-bpw A-hn-ip- Iq-p-sI-p-m-p--h-sc-bpw ]n-p-W-m I-gn-bm--Xv F-s P-\n-X-I-Kp-W-am-bm-Wv Im-Wp--Xv. am-[y-a {]-h--I F- \n-e-bn h-[-`o-j-Wn, Kp-m B-{I-a-Ww, tX-tPm-h-[w \-S- , A-k-Xy {]-N-c-Ww, H--s-Sp-, Du-a--p-I-fn-eq-sS A-]-hm-Z {]-N-c-Ww C--s\ F-s-mw t\-cn-tS-n h-n-cn-p-p.
am-[y-a {]-h--\w t\---p th-n D-]-tbm-Kn-m-dn-. \n-em-Sp-I-m-bn D-d-p \n-pw. \-- kw`hnp-tm- th-Z-\ tXm-m-dp-s-n-epw Im-ew sX-fn-bn-p- k-Xy- k-tm-jn-n-m-dp-v.
sF.] C-e--\n F-p kw-`-hn-p-sa-v {]-h-Nn-m sI-]p- B-cp-an-. F-pw kw-`-hn-mw F--s\-bpw Iq-p-sI-p-m-Imw. Im-c-Ww C-Xv sF.]
F-n-epw D-n-s-bp-n B-{K-ln-p--Xv H-cp \- Iq-p-sI-n-s\-bm-Wv. D-]-tZ-i-n-\p th-n, A-gn-a-Xn-s-Xn-sc, \-h {]-h-W-X-I-s-Xn-sc k-Xy-k-hpw D-d-- \n-e-]m-Sp--Xp-am-b t\-Xr-Xzw D-m-I-Ww.
Im-c-Ww sF.] F- {]-m-\w X-s-bm-Wv `m-c-X-n-se s]--tm-kv-Xn-\v Zn-im-t_m-[w \-tI--Xv.
`m-Ky-tam \n-`m-Ky-tam C-Xp-h-sc-bpw \- Iq-p-sI-n-s\ Im-Wp-n-. A-Xp sIm-v X-s A-h-k-c-hm-Zn-I-sf ]n-p-W-m-\pw ]-p-n-. tP-W C-tm k-a-Zq-c kn-m--am-Wv ]n-p-S-cp--Xv.Im-c-Ww A--am-bn ]n-p-W-m ]-n-b t\-Xm--m-sc B-sc-bpw Im-Wp-n-
kz-X-{-\n-co--W- \-S-p--Xv ]T\ ti-jw am-{X-am-Wv. ]cn`hn\v ImcWan.



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