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Publish Date: Dec 26, 2017
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Social media attack against Maharashtra Chief Minsisters wife, because of she attend the Christmas program.
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straightshooter (December 27, 2017)
in satna, mahrastra, the catholic seminary singers were attacked by the bd street goons, and put them to jail. most of the students were from kerala. one priest was beaten severely but one policeman saved him from serious troubles. india since independence or before independence has never faced with a national crisis attacking the minorities, especially the defenseless minorities. the cm of bihar participated at the christmas function and he complimented the great contribution of the christian community in education-healthcare and social uplift of the downtrodden. he said " i loved to be with the christians". the hindu speaker of the house in new delhi arranged the christmas programme, and the cm arvwind kejriwal assured the audience that every year, new delhi will conducting christmas programme. we are now watching the real color of the rss rule of india under the twin brothers, amith shaw/modi, and the street goons are trying to take over the nation.
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